Managing business and running in the race with biggies is not easy. Communicating with clients, interacting with global markets, and making a place for oneself are certain matters to be tackled. These essentialities have to be constantly in pace for effective business solutions. To support these essential aspects, cloud computing technology came into being. Arriving with a bang, it asserted on simplifying the interactive attitude over web and private platform too. It is all about providing hosted services for online as well as personalized facet.

Conceptol Technologies as a Cloud Expert:

At Conceptol Technologies, expert professionals happen to organize varied cloud platforms in such a way to provide beneficiary aspects of cloud computing hosting technology web and desktop world.

Web World: “Pay for What is Used”! With this approach, we deliver hosting services to clients willing to communicate with their targeted audience round the clock.

Desktop World: Providing hosting services to limited sect of people with access to desktop applications, we aim at sorting out the prospective business management issues.

Being a cost effective option, our valuable associates attempt to strategize the business processes through cloud application development and make them worthy enough to channelize tools for effectual services. Understanding the client needs, we customize cloud services as demanded. Along with cloud management, monitoring and migration services, our expertise is based on following platforms:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):
Taken to be on-demand software supplier, our cloud application
software delivery module intends to suffice needs for common software applications. With the aim of improvising operation effectiveness, Saas brings a newer phase of interactive communication.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS):
By pulling out physical resources from varied data centers, we happen to provide a golden opportunity to our clients for establishing their network platforms. Â Working on the base of web world, these services are willing to provide clients with access to virtual components.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS):
Allowing web developers to build cloud application platform and
operate management services via web, PaaS empower users to create software applications by utilizing tools given by the provider.

Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS): Enabling organizations to develop their procedural platforms based on cloud application management, we deliver opportunities towards managing business essentialities.

Changing Scenarios:

By conceptualizing ideas and creating customer transformation programs, our cloud application development brings favorable changes to varied areas of business.

Delivering significant workflows and transforming business models at competitive rates, Conceptol Technologies offers deep insight into Business Process Service (BPS) engagement for effective interaction with US- based marketing companies.
By implementing modules for integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on cloud application platform, Conceptol Technologies has developed an interactive dashboard with analytic capability for large media company.

Designing service delivery platform based on cloud application framework of SaaS or PaaS, Conceptol Technologies has pledged to organize processing in a profitable manner for major transportation and logistics company. Paying attention towards proof-of-concepts execution, monitoring and deployment, Conceptol Technologies is intended to offer high-end advertising platform to search companies for enhanced web visibility.

The Conceptol Technologies Trend:

In the cloud application integration and hosting market, we have carved a niche by providing valuable business process services to global clients.

  • Global reach and cutting edge performance Developing business solutions for clients’ a profitable commercial standing Business alliance with top notch industry leaders like Cordys,, Amazon and Savvis
  • Offering cloud application based platforms by considering open standards
  • Employing high standards of security through effectual development methodologies