Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise analytics talks about gathering data in order to make better business decisions and optimize commercial processes. It is a method through which, one can analyze where and why an organization needs change. Today,enterprises needdig deeper into their own core processes. We provide effective business analyzing tools from basic reporting to data mining and predictive analysis.

Enterprises have been using analytics since 19th century. But, organizations paid attention to it on the introduction of computers in their systems. Being a statistical method, Analytics is intended to explore enterprises data. On completion of analysis, methods are selected to support them. Enterprise analysis makes use of arithmetical and quantitative provision to drive decision making.

Enterprise analysis includes:-

  • Exploring data
  • Analyzing why a certain solution occurred
  • Testing previous decisions

Analytics answers questions to 5 W’s in an organization like: –

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What will happen on changing method?