Banking & Financial Services

With the global economy rebounding, the emerging New Normal has created a constantly churning marketplace-with consumer preferences to match. To compete, financial services firms need to reposition themselves for higher performance and new growth opportunities. Among the more prudent steps you can take: Transform your IT foundation to become more adaptive to customer needs.

We help financial services firms develop business solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization. When you choose Conceptol Technologies, you benefit from deep industry expertise to help manage risk, comply with regulations, enhance product features and manage your business transformation challenges. It’s no wonder that six of the Top 10 U.S. banks and four of the Top 10 EU banks have chosen Conceptol Technologies.


A marketplace that continues to change at a breakneck pace, combined with a complex mix of consumer products and services-that’s today’s communications business. Whether you’re a cable, satellite, wireless, converged service or equipment provider, you need a strategy to meet unique multi-dimensional challenges and to compete in today’s global economy.

At Conceptol Technologies, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise by choosing either a strategic partner or a cost-effective outsourcing provider. We understand the business and technology evolution that’s underway in the communications field. And we stand at the leading edge of business and IT solutions-from VoIP and fixed-mobile convergence, to business process management (BPM) and beyond. That’s why seven of the Top 10 communications service providers and equipment vendors have chosen Conceptol Technologies as their partner.

Consumer Goods

Globalization. Niche segmentation. Competition for premium shelf space. Today’s economic reset is prompting consumer goods companies to apply new thinking to achieve category success. It requires just-in-time market intelligence and greater operational agility to achieve new levels of business performance.

Conceptol Technologies partners with the world’s premier consumer goods manufacturers, creating innovative solutions and strategies that keep them price-competitive, category-leading and consumer-savvy. Our expertise spans a wide gamut, from demand-driven supply chains, to revenue-creating trade promotion management systems, to analytics systems and mobility solutions that anticipate and serve ever-changing customer needs.


The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Traditional models for delivering care, serving policyholders and employers, and managing revenues, are increasingly ineffective. Regulatory agencies want higher levels of service and quality-and lower costs. Healthcare consumers demand the same, with generational divisions about how they want to interact with their service providers.

Delivering higher quality and better service coupled with cost containment calls for reinvention and transformation. That’s what Conceptol Technologies will help you achieve.

Conceptol Technologies enables healthcare organizations to create more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. We arm your enterprise with the strategic thinking to effectively respond no matter what directions the healthcare industry’s evolution takes. Our deep industry expertise and experience across the healthcare ecosystem enables healthcare organizations to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities by improving processes, creating efficiencies and unlocking innovation.

Information, Media & Entertainment

Rapid technology evolution continues to unleash dramatic change across the marketplace. Data democratization, emergence of new content formats and a plethora of devices means industry players must embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms that move beyond cost-cutting and enhance business performance.


As the economy recovers, the industry is pushing for more timely, accurate and relevant information, as well as flexible products that can be built and delivered quickly. To adapt, insurers are revamping fundamental business processes and creating new, IT-powered products. Enhanced analytics speed time-to-market and enable compliance with stringent regulations.

Conceptol Technologies partners with leading Life and Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers in the U.S. to anticipate and fulfill consumer needs and advance their business objectives, from back to front office, across the reset economy. With our expertise and client-first mindset, we become a seamless extension of your organization, working collaboratively to help you create new capabilities, contain costs, mitigate risk and capitalize on new business opportunities.


The Future of Work has arrived for manufacturers. Globalization is reshaping where and how major manufacturing companies make and sell their products. And now emerging technologies such as mobile communications, virtualization, and cloud computing are helping manufacturers find new ways to run, grow, and transform their organizations.

Our global workforce of engineers, technology experts, and business consultants has extensive experience helping many of the world’s leading automotive, industrial, and process manufacturers. And thanks to our unique integrated services capabilities, Conceptol Technologies’s business and industry experts work hand-in-glove with our technology and engineering teams, ensuring our manufacturing clients an exceptionally well-coordinated effort from conception to completion.


Shoppers are the heartbeat of any retail business. Yet, consumers’ newfound frugality may not diminish anytime soon. It’s no wonder, then, that retailers are focusing on increased customer intimacy and channel expansion as key business drivers for the long term.

We believe that retailers shouldn’t have to choose between a strategic partner and a cost-effective outsourcing provider. With Conceptol Technologies, you get the best of both. And to ensure creativity and innovation, we have created a dedicated Retail Innovation Group aligned with our clients’ needs. No wonder 11 of the Top 30 U.S. retailers and eight of the Top 30 global retailers choose us as their partner.


Technology is powering the future of work. But for technology companies to take advantage of this new era of opportunity, they must adapt to dramatic changes in the workforce, customer needs, and business models. Globalization, cloud computing, mobile communications, social media, and a generation of “digital natives” are demanding rapid and continuous reinvention of how online services, software products, and digital devices are created, used, and sold.

Whether you are a CIO, CTO, product engineer, or IT manager, Conceptol Technologies offers a perspective distilled from diverse and deep experience with many of the technology industry’s most successful companies.

We count as our customers five of the world’s top seven online companies, six of the world’s top 10 software vendors, and several of the world’s leading high-technology manufacturers. At Conceptol Technologies, we go beyond best practices to help our clients pioneer next-generation products and transform their business processes.

Transportation & Logistics

For transportation and logistics companies, today’s business obstacles are more daunting than ever before, with fluctuating fuel costs, an expanding base of regional suppliers, global environmental concerns and compliance with regulatory mandates. It adds up to a dynamic business landscape, where T&L companies have little control over costs and margins.

Road or rail. Marine or infrastructure. Express or post. Distributor or logistics service provider. Wherever your business fits in the T&L realm, Conceptol Technologies has a proven track record of helping organizations like yours streamline operations and improve business performance. We work closely with you to understand your business needs, then apply relevant domain insights, best practices and solution accelerators to deliver tangible business results.

Travel & Hospitality

The Travel & Hospitality industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. In a highly complex and competitive environment, companies have to achieve greater customer advocacy, retention and loyalty—all of which translates into improved financial results.

We are uniquely positioned to lead clients toward more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. We are one of the few service companies with expertise across the entire industry-from airlines, hotels and restaurants, online and retail travel, to global distribution systems, intermediaries and real-estate companies. This is why three of the Top 5 global airlines chose Conceptol Technologies as their partner.