Today, one can perform any task with the same pace they perform on their PC. Most of the users perceive their smart phone as a portable desktop, which is, in fact convenient to use. Different applications have made mobile a user friendly device, which comes with multi tasking ability. Technology works as a catalyst to create new applications and products for boosting the profit.

Reorientation of retail: – Now days, the phenomenon of mobile and online shopping are spreading. Everyone cares about convenience and personalization. This is applicable over online shopping, which offers both. And this makes people like online shopping and mobile shopping. Shoppers are not influenced by retailer’s mobile application; while retailers are trying how to figure out to leverage social media and mobility to drive sales.

New operating models: – With the help of technology, newer ways of organizing and operating a company are emerging. Organizations, who are adopting these new models, are realizing greater benefits as compare to other companies. With the help of new technologies, companies are now using more flexible business processes and infrastructure.