Technical support

Technical support is no longer a reactive function. Today, it is all about foreseeing end-user concerns and devising plans to prevent disappointment. It is the quality of technical support service that directly impacts the bottom line of any business.

Conceptol Technologies has worked with some of the leading technology companies and enterprise businesses and understands their challenges. We offer comprehensive onshore and offshore technical support services for product companies involved in developing enterprise class hardware products and software applications. Our customers achieve significant reduction in the total cost of ownership of their end customers and increase in the product sales, by leveraging our comprehensive services.

Our onshore and offshore technical support includes installation and product support, up and running support, troubleshooting and usage support.

Our round-the-clock technical support approach goes beyond traditional reactive customer issue handling. We believe in proactive customer profiling, predictive analytics and flat tiered models. We collaborate with our customers’ in-house engineers to get a greater understanding of product functionality and technology issues. We leverage this understanding to bridge the gap between real world product issues and technical constraints involved in the development of the product.

Our consulting team plays a key role in assessing readiness and requirements before recommending solutions to customers. This approach enables a higher ROI and greater end user satisfaction.